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which “e” is it?

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As overheard in my house this afternoon.

-mommy….how do you spell marcela?
-Why don’t you tell me?
– i don’t know.
– well let’s try sounding it out. What’s the first letter? what does it sound like?
mah. “M”
– good.
– ah is “A”. right?
-er is R
-see, you don’t need my help. let’s see what we have so far.
-so far it’s M-A-R. Maybe I should just write Marce, that’s easier.
-let’s keep trying.
-okay, next is ssss. S
– close. what makes a sound similar to an “s”? but also can sound like a “k” as in cat.
-good. now write that down. next is the “eh” sound. What letter makes the “eh” sound?
– A! well, yes, sometimes A sound like “eh” but in this case we are looking for an “E”
-which E? E or I?
-E. the letter E, not the letter I.
-Like the E in Abbey? or the “I” (though she pronounces it ee) in Abigail.
– the E in Abbey.
-Oh. okay. So it’s M-A-R-C-E and then “la.” La, la, la, la laaaaaaaa. M-A-R-C-E-L-A
-Good Job! I knew you could do it.

When my daughter started to be interested in words we realized that mm

and this is ALWAYS how it goes when faced with the letter E. At first I didn’t understand why she’d confuse E with I but thinking about it a little more it made complete sense.

The sounds of the letters E and I in spanish are as follows E = eh and I = ee.

So every time we are sounding out a word, using the sounds of the letters as we known them in English, she is tripped up by the letter E. She used to ask me whether it was the E with three lines or the one with two lines, but that sometimes got confusing, espceially when she started learning lower case letters. Other times she’d just write the letter out in the air for me to see. but now, now she has come up with this great way to distinguish. And it might seem a bit add to you considering that Abiagil has no E sound in it. But, to her it does cause she does pronounce her name Abigail as we named her, but Ah-bee-guy-eel, as she’s always known it to be. It’s just easier that way.


Written by nicolemarie

December 31, 2007 at 6:48 pm

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