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We are in the process of planning our next trip back to the States. Our plan is to head to Florida and stay with my parents for a little over a week and then head to Disney to celebrate Abbey’s 5th birthday. What we are going to do after that is beyond me. I haven’t been able to think beyond the whole Disney trip. Much of what happens next will be dependent on my grandparents – and whether or not they are going to be at my parent’s house in florida. Cause if they don’t make that trip this year then I”ll have to head up to NJ to visit them. I am weighing the option of sticking around the US for almost 6 weeks. My husband would be with us for the first 3 of those and then I’d be on my own with the 2 rugrats I call my kids for the other 3. I’m not so sure about that.

While I haven’t been able to think about post-Disney travel in the US, I have given a lot of thought to what we are going to do the week before. See, I’m all for dumping my kids off with the grandparents and escaping with my husband for a few days. We’ve thought of a number of places – the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Las Vegas, South Beach – but haven’t been able to come up with a decision. Well, that’s not entirely true. We both came up with our ideal place to go but they were both a) a bit out of our price range and b) compltely opposite of one another.

When I met my husband his ideal vacation included mountains and fresh air, hiking, biking, camping and nature. Mine, on the other hand, included sun, beach, very commfortable lounge chairs, and poolside food and drink service. You can only imagine what it was like trying to decide on what to do for our honeymoon. Don’t ask (because I don’t have a good answer) but we ended up spending 13 days, driving 1,300 miles, in Scotland, in November. While most people go shopping for a new bikini and some flip flops for their honeymoon trip, I got hiking boots, a red fleece hat and gloves.

Anyhow, that was then. That was before my husband found out what he had been missing out on. When Abbey was a little over a year old we took a trip to Cancun. My father and mother were kind enough to treat us to a wonderful vacation. They, along with my twin brother and his partner, flew down from the States, while we flew up from Peru. We stayed in a wonderful resort, needed for nothing, enjoying every minute of our little slice of paradise. Later that year we would go to Hawaii for a wedding. Again, we were lucky enough to stay here, here and here. Every time we talk about taking a vacation, and not a sightseeing vacation, my husband brings up Cancun and Hawaii and how much he enjoyed them and how we really need to do that again.


Written by nicolemarie

December 31, 2007 at 8:20 pm

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