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de grasa o de manteca?

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i know I should be doing something right now.  something productive.  something more than blogging about how i’m not doing anything.  well, actually, i am doing something, but that something has little to do with our upcoming move.  which, for very obvious reasons, my life seems to be centered around these days.  instead i’m sitting at the computer catching up on the blogs i used to read religiously and thinking about how i so want to go out to the local cafe and get myself two medialunas and a cortado.  and my biggest issue is that i can’t seem to decide if those medialunas should be de grasa or de manteca – in other words, salty or sweet.  And that decision my friends is all i can seem to think about.  Not about all the crap I have to get rid of or all the boxes that have to be packed or the car that we have to buy or the house that we have to find or the school district that we have to decide on. No.  Instead I’m concerned with what kind of medialuna I want.  And this, my friends, this makes complete sense to me.  Because soon, very soon, in like 4 weeks soon, i won’t be able to walk out of my front door, go one block and sit down in a cafe and ask for, in my very much improved spanish since arriving here 2.5 years ago, a small coffee cut with milk and a little pastry. And then have them ask me “chiquito o jarrito?” with regards to what size coffee I want and “de grasa o manteca?” with regards to the type of medialuna i want.  No instead of answering these simply and very unimportant questions I’ll be trying to navigate the unfamiliar roads of north carolina trying to remember that traffic lights are meant to be obeyed and stop signs are not optional.  I’ll be meeting new people — neighbors, therapists, doctors, teachers, parents — and trying to remember not to say permiso, por favor, gracias and chau.

oh how i’m going to miss this place, this home, this life. I’m going to miss everything about living here, even the crazy drivers and the completely slow and unreliable service.  Okay, so maybe not the crazy drivers so much.  but still.  i know moving back to the US is what’s best for us and that all our family and friends are waiting with open arms to welcome us back and help us as much as they can.  And I love that, knowing that.  Still…

okay so now that I’ve fully reminded myself that we are moving in 4 weeks…4 WEEKS!

I’m off to clean out yet another closet.  Or maybe I’ll just grab my keys, head out the front door and go get that coffee and medialuna.  Still, the most important question remains: de grasa o de manteca?

what do you think?


Written by nicolemarie

March 13, 2008 at 9:25 am

2 Responses

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  1. Get the medialunas! Get the medialunas! Go now! You’ll come back refreshed and satisfied and ready to work. Or not. Either way, the medialunas will be worth it.


    March 13, 2008 at 10:37 am

  2. You should get medialunas integrales at the café near my house. Much better than the others (and healthier, not as sweet and not made with the nutritionally empty white flour).

    E-mail me and I’ll send you the address.

    And leave the packing/cleaning/etc. to your husband. You have your mental health to think of!



    March 13, 2008 at 6:04 pm

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