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Since the kids got over strep throat and started sleeping through the night again (’cause you really don’t sleep well when you can’t breathe through your mucus clogged nose and have a pacifier in your mouth and your throat feels like sand paper every time you swallow) Owen has become the laziest little bum of a boy in the mornings. 

And this all has to do with the fact that in the room that he now sleeps is a television.  A television that gets the Disney Channel.  A television that is permanently set to said channel.  A television that goes on the moment he wakes up and isn’t shut off until all the shows from Playhouse Disney are over. 

It is vacation, after all.  So this is okay behavior, right? 

But what is so adorably cute and nutty is that he won’t get out of bed.  Well, he gets out of bed to go potty but other than that he is extremely content.  in bed. watching television. like a teenager but with a pacifier. 

i sleep

see, i told you so.

but the best part of it all is that if you ask him if he’s going to get up and join the rest of the family or eat breakfast he matter-of-factly says “no.  i sleep” pulls the covers up over his shoulders and pretends to snore. and that’s that.

when he’s ready he’ll join us.  he always does. 

poor boy doesn’t know what’s going to happen when we get back to Buenos Aires.  School starts soon, and with it “i sleep” is going to be changed to “i go school” like it or not.  

edited to update:  we removed the television from the room this evening.  Owen hasn’t noticed.  yet.  should be an interesting morning tomorrow.  hehehe.  evil mommy i am.


Written by nicolemarie

February 7, 2008 at 12:26 pm

Posted in crazy kids

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