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Heat Wave

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We are experiencing some rather intense weather around these parts.  Today was a high of 104 degrees Fahrenheit!  I literally could have fried an egg on the sidewalk.  (Where the heck does that expression come from anyway?)

I woke up early today hoping to be able to sit outside and drink coffee as I watched the soft glow of the sun fill the morning sky. I grabbed my coffee and headed towards the back door.  The house was cool as the air conditioning had been blasting all night.  I took one step out the door and was immediately hit with the uncomfortable sensation of a blast of hot and humid air — 80 degree hot air to be exact.  And this was at 6:30 AM!!!  There went that idea.

We spent most of the day indoors and when we ventured outside it was either to go from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned framing store or we lasted all of 60 seconds before jumping in the pool.  Thank god for that pool of ours.

I forgot how cranky people can be when it’s so damn hot outside.  Okay, so I forgot how darn cranky I can be when it’s this hot outside. 

Somehow the idea of leaving to go up North for 5 weeks, including the 4 day side trip to NJ and its very winter weather, just doesn’t seem so bad.  I could use a blast of cold air right about now.


Written by nicolemarie

January 8, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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