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Have you ever had a “to do” list that is so darn long that you don’t even know where to begin?  Or have so many things going on in your life that you find yourself paralyzed by the weight of your own schedule?  When this happens I think that it’s only natural for somethings to fall by the waste side (or is it waist side?) and for me that has been blogging. And it kinda makes sense that blogging is the one thing to take a back seat since all the other things involve the health and well being of my family.  Though, blogging is good for my own health and well being so I’m kinda wondering why it is that whenever there are a lot of things going on it’s always my things that get pushed aside. When did it become so easy for me to just forget about myself and the things I enjoy?  Oh, right, it’s that thing called motherhood.

And while we are on the topic of motherhood…let me fill you in on what’s been going on around here.  (So I’m not sure how motherhood and our current ongoings directly relate but I’m sure if i thought about it hard enough i can make a very linear connection that makes complete sense.) 

As I mentioned in my last post, Abbey has been sick.  She’s doing better now, thanks for asking.  She should be heading back to school tomorrow…but that will all depend on whether or not she decides to wake up in the middle of the night with a fever.   Whatever virus she has is not being very nice and I’m thinking of kicking some serious virus ass if it doesn’t stop picking on my little girl very soon.  That and I’m really missing those 3 hours of me time in the morning and I’d really really like them back for the next three days, which is all we have left in the school year.  I don’t think that’s asking too much, is it?

The first day of a sick Abbey is always very nice.  Not nice that she’s sick, but she’s nice and sweet and typically involves her sleeping a lot and watching television.  I don’t mind it so much when she’s like that.  It’s the second and third days when she’s bored and cooped up and wants someone to be with her at every possible moment and can’t stop whining.  At this point I feel bad for her, I do, but I begin to feel bad for myself as well.  You should feel bad for me too.

As for Owen, well, Mr. Owen has decided that he doesn’t really want to wear a diaper anymore and that underwear is the way to go.  I think he’s made a very good decision.  But I totally forgot how time consuming potty training is.  Though to my surprise the while thing has been going better than I had expected.  He’s only had one pee accident in the past few days and he’s getting much better at telling us that he has to go instead of us having to ask him all the time.  Now, if we could only get past the whole poop issue.  As in, he refuses to poop in the potty.  I know that this isn’t an uncommon problem and that some kids have an issue with pooping and all, but seriously folks, I really hate dealing with poopy underwear.  It’s just gross. 

Aside from cleaning up vomit and poop…

– we’ve attended several polo matches over the past few weekends.  I have some great photos and some info about the tournament that is underway that I’ll share with you when I find a moment.

– I have some videos to share.  One of Abbey’s dance recital and the other of Owen’s class concert.

– I made a new cake this past weekend – a clown.  It came out really awesome, I was quite impressed with my own work.  You can judge for yourself – take a look at it here.

– met with the regional shrink about some issues with one of the kids and ended up talking about myself.  Apparently my difficulty sleeping isn’t normal and can be fixed. I love modern science. 

– oh yeah, about that whole moving thing.  well, things are moving forward and we’ve heard a few rumors about where we might be heading or at least what people are saying about where we might be heading. It’s all very cryptic and mysterious and I can’t tell you anymore.

That’s about it for now. 

Back to filling out Christmas cards so maybe I can cross that off my never ending “to do” list.


Written by nicolemarie

December 3, 2007 at 10:59 pm

Posted in crazy randomness

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  1. Clown Cake is indeed impressive!


    December 4, 2007 at 2:16 pm

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