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Because I know my daughter and I know how excited she is about dressing up for Halloween I also know that as soon as she gets her costume on tomorrow she will be one huge ball of energy impossible of nailing down for a picture.  So, knowing how my daughter is, and knowing how my son is ALWAYS one big ball of energy and always impossible to photograph I had them put on their costumes this afternoon for a quick photo session.  It wasn’t too successful.  You see, today isn’t Halloween and Power Rangers was just about to come on TV, so there were more important things to do than play dress up for mom and get your picture taken.  Regardless, I was able to snap a few for memory sake.

So while the kids were upstairs watching Power Rangers and beating each other up I took a trip down memory lane via my external hard drive.

Here is Abbey at 10 months. Her first Halloween. She was such a cute ducky. Qua Qua goes the Patita.


One year later, she was a real live, walking and talking, Raggedy Ann.  What a chunk!  Just look at those wrists, or lack there of.

raggedy ann 1

Another year went by, Owen was born, we moved countries, and Abbey learned all about the wonderful world of Disney Princesses.  Unfortunately, this particular year, Halloween was accompanied by a high fever and nasty cold, hence the whole droopy eyes and completely worn out look.


And while Abbey was a asleep on the couch fighting off a 102 F fever, a very big 10 month old Owen (hence the reason he wasn’t wearing Abbey’s ducky costume from two years earlier) was having a fight of his own. With an ear.


12 months later and Disney still had a hold over Abbey (who dressed as Princess Jasmine) and seemed to be taking hold of Owen (who sported a Peter Pan costume) too. Either that or Mom and Dad hit the Disney Store on a trip to the United States earlier in the month.


peter pan

Which brings us to this year. Tomorrow Abbey and Owen will go trick or treating with some friends in one of the barrio cerrados (close neighborhoods) nearby. Abbey will be Sleeping Beauty and Owen, her knight in shining armor.



What happened to my ducky and tigger?  Where’d they go? 

Happy Halloween!


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October 30, 2007 at 9:57 pm

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  1. Priceless photos…



    October 30, 2007 at 11:23 pm

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