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A game of cards has recently been added to our daughter’s bedtime routine.  It’s typically the game Uno that we play, but today she wanted to play Old Maid.

Owen, being the boy chock full of never ending energy that he is, didn’t want to go to sleep when we wanted him to, so he hung around in Abbey’s room with her Barbie dolls as we settled into playing our game.  He soon realized that there was something much more interesting going on at the other side of the room.   At least, more interesting than removing clothes from a Barbie and yelling, “pants off.  pants off.  oh no.”  So he climbed onto the bed, where we were playing, and weaseled his way into the game.  My husband took him under his wing to show him how the experts play old maid.

Abbey started with the Old Maid card.  And in typical 4 year old, soon to be 5 year old, fashion, she would ever so slightly nudge the Old Maid card in an upward direction until it was the prominent card in her hand.  I didn’t bite.  I knew better.  Eventually she wised up, after a little coaching from dear mom, and shuffled the sorry Old Maid into her hand and left it alone.  That’s when I just happened to pick it out of her hand.  But being the smart, and uber-competitive person that I am, I just casually placed that card in my hand on the far right side.

See, lucky for me, Owen, who was picking cards for his Dad, seemed to have a thing for the card that was situated in the far right hand side (his left) of my hand.   So, knowing what I knew, and seeing how my son is a child known for his fancy of repetition, he took the bait and picked the Old Maid.

“Look! Mommy!” he said.  “Mommy!” he repeated as he pointed to the picture on the card.  “Mommy!” he shouted once more, in case we missed it the first two times.

Apparently, I look like a grandmother with gray hair wearing a house dress.

I’m in serious need of a make over.


Written by nicolemarie

October 22, 2007 at 9:33 pm

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