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and sequins and all things sparkly and shiny, that’s what little girls are really made of. 

Seeing how my trip last week to see whales has left me feeling like a beached whale, I had all intentions of going to the gym yesterday afternoon.  But someone had other plans for me.  I’m not really sure who that someone was but I’m thinking that it may have been the stage mom in me.  I didn’t even recognize her at first seeing how we had not been formally introduced and all.  She just kinda appeared and took over.  I’m glad she did, cause she new exactly what to do.  But at the same time, I’m so glad she doesn’t show her ugly little head all too often. 

So yesterday was my daughters school concert/play.  (And mom, don’t worry, when I get the videos and pictures from the event uploaded I will post them for your, and everyone else’s, viewing enjoyment. I’m thinking later today.) 

See had been practicing for this day for months. 

A few weeks ago we received a sketch of the costume that they would have to wear.  And seeing how this is Argentina and we live in what I guess is to be considered an exclusive suburb filled with stately homes, expensive cars and nannies and maids, the class mothers hired a modista (a dressmaker) to make the dresses. 

And seeing how this is Argentina and everything is always late, no one is ever in a rush to get something done, nor too concerned with planning ahead, the dresses were ready on Tuesday morning.  So on Tuesday, I dropped Abbey off at school for her dress-rehearsal, sans dress — she wore another princess costume to practice in — and picked up her dress.

Then, within the hour, the emails began.  Too plain, one mother wrote.  My daughter wants brillitos (glitter), another wrote.  And then after 10 or so emails it had been decided that most of the mothers would be adding a little something to their daughters dresses to make them special.  I figured I’d follow suit. I couldn’t let my daughter be the only one without sparkles.  But I didn’t think too much of it.  I figured that I’d run to the merceria (a store that sells sewing notions) after my Spanish class and pick up a few sequins to add to the dress. Something simple and easy.

The phone rang at 7:15PM.  I had just put Owen down for bed and was getting ready to read a story to Abbey.  It was one of the mothers from Abbey’s class. She and another mother were at the merceria trying to figure out what to do with the dresses to spruce them up.  They had picked out a few things and wanted to know if I wanted them to buy the materials for me too.  Great, I thought, one last thing for me to have to do the following day. 

So yesterday morning I was given a small back of gold sequins to sew/glue on the tulle that lay on top of the skirt and a gold ribbon for the waist.  

With sequins and ribbon in hand I rushed back to the house realizing that I had exactly 40 minutes until my Spanish class began and that I could get started on the dress.  I dropped my bag at the door, ran upstairs in a fury, grabbed the dress, my sewing kit, my daughters dress-up jewelry case and brought them downstairs to the kitchen.  Then I remembered the bag of fabric and notions that my daughter had received on a class trip to a clothing factory and frantically searched for that as well.  Next, I pulled the hot glue gun from my craft case and plugged that in.  As the gun was warming up I dumped out the jewelry and looked for anything that I could use.  I spread out the contents of the bag of notions all over the kitchen table and weighed my options.

How did this happen?  I had become a crazy stage mom determined to make my daughters dress the best and prettiest dress ever.  While the other mothers were dropping off the dresses and sequins with suegras (mother-in-laws) and mothers, or handing it over to the maid to take care of, I was determined to do it all myself and I was determined to make it perfect.  I had become a crazy stage mom!

After a total of 2+ hours gluing and sewing, and my daughter assuring me that it was PERFECT, and that it didn’t need another sparkle or bead, I was almost done. A few more sequins for good measure.





And as I snapped the last button in place and she spun around as happy as could be, as beautiful as a real princess, I let out a deep exhale and with that my former self returned.  I took a few pictures as a doting mother and not as a crazy stage mother.  I was really glad she had showed up to get the job done, but I’m especially glad she didn’t stick around.


Written by nicolemarie

October 11, 2007 at 11:20 am

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  1. Wow! You are talented in so many ways! It looks beautiful!


    October 11, 2007 at 1:58 pm

  2. What pretty details on the dress – I’m sure your daughter is delighted!



    October 11, 2007 at 2:30 pm

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