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5 hours, 100 games and a whole lot of waiting

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Maybe it was more than 100 games, but I stopped counting after the third hour. Does it really matter?

I made my husband a friendly bet on Friday night, or at least I tried to entice him into entering into a bet with me.

It was around 11:00pm when I finally began to run out of steam and realized that the morning was going to come way too quickly and with it the voices of two excited and very rested children would be filling my room wanting to play and have pancakes for breakfast. I was positive that when that time came all I would want to do was pull the covers up over my head and pretend like I was still in my lovely room at the Park Hyatt in Mendoza.

This isn’t how I had planned things to go.

Our flight was supposed to leave Mendoza at 7:50pm but fog in Buenos Aires was making a huge mess of things. Seeing how the flight for Buenos Aires that was scheduled to leave at 2:30pm finally took off at 8:00pm. We would have to wait our turn.

We had already been at the airport 4 hours when I mentioned the idea of a bet. One that involved the winner of our never ending Gin game to have the distinct privilege of sleeping in while the loser had to get up with the kids. He was losing at this point. (Obviously, or I wouldn’t have suggested such a wager. Now would I have? My mother didn’t raise a fool) He wasn’t in the betting mood.

Neither one of us were in overly great moods at this point.

We had gotten to the airport around 6:50pm for a flight that was supposed to depart an hour later. By the time we had any idea as to what was going on and whether we were going to even get on a flight that night it was close to 8:00pm. And that was just the first hour of waiting. We were looking at close to two more hours as they estimated our new departure time to be 10:50pm.

At that point we resigned ourselves to waiting at the airport.  We did entertain the possibility of venturing back into Mendoza and enjoy dinner at one of its fine dining establishments but that just seemed like too much an effort. We made our way up to the airport resturant to claim our meal voucher that the airline provided. It was  true gourmet fare with the delightful and healthy choice of either milanesa or spaghetti. I was beginning to seriously question our decision to wait it out in the airport.

We parked ourselves in a small round table and sat down in what had to be the most uncomfortable chairs that may have ever been manufactured. Sitting on the floor would have been better, had the floor not looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned in about a week.

I had packed a deck of cards just in case we had some free time and felt like playing a game or two. We’ve recently picked up the habit of playing a few hands of Gin after dinner. (Though after this experience, I think I’ve played enough Gin to last a lifetime.) We played a few hands. Took a break. Played some more. Had dinner, if you could even call it that. It was around 9:30pm.  Figuring we’d be called for boarding any minute we packed up our stuff and went to check the monitor to see the status of the flight. Next to our flight, where it had once said 22:50, it read 00:30.

More waiting. Back to the table, the uncomfortable chairs.  Back to our game of Gin.

Needless to say, after 5 hours and over 100 games of Gin, we finally did board our plane and take off. We left Mendoza at 1:00am and I was in the comfort of my own bed by 3:30am.

Our first child to wake up did so at 6:30am. Nothing like a good three hour sleep.  Of course I pulled the covers up over my head and pretended like I didn’t hear anything.

And then, I didn’t. At least not for another hour.

My husband and I never placed a wager on our never-ending Gin game. Which, by the way, I did win.  Still, he let me sleep in.  Though he says it was only because he couldn’t fall back to sleep and didn’t see the need for both of us to be overtired and grumpy.

Let’s just call that Reason #855 as to why he is simply the world’s greatest husband.


Written by nicolemarie

September 16, 2007 at 2:20 pm

Posted in Argentina, husband, travel

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