Avoiding Crisis


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Tomorrow I will be 30. 

It doesn’t feel like such a big deal, really.  Just another day. A day like any other.  It’s just a number, right?

You know what feels like a much much bigger deal to me?  This blog.  Seriously.  I’m proud of myself for doing this.  It’s something I said I’d do, but I was never quite sure of whether or not I’d follow through with it.  And there were times when I didn’t want to continue with it.  Times when I really didn’t get the point of all this.  When I thought it was all a big waste of time.  When I felt that there was no one out there who cared.  But I kept at it.  And many of you kept reading. For this, I thank you.

210 days.  That’s how long I’ve been at this.   It feels like this whole countdown began just yesterday and somehow yet it seems like a lifetime ago.  I’m kinda glad it’s over. This while countdown this, that is.  Not the blogging.  That will continue.

While in just one day (one hour, really) I turn 30, in two days I get to forget all about turning 30 and just be 30. And I have this sneaky suspicion that being 30 is going to be a whole lot better than being 20.  At least for me.

Here are some things I’ve learned over the past 210 days.

  1. 30 is just a number
  2. That it really doesn’t matter what I have or haven’t done by the time I turn 30
  3. That I really have absolutely no clue what I want to be doing with my life (career wise) and that I’m totally okay with that
  4. that I really love to write and while I might not be a future novelist or even an essayist I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because it is who I am and it makes me feel good
  5. that I’ve gone through a whole lot of crap in my short 30 years and that I should be damn proud of myself for having gotten through all if it
  6. that there is so much more ahead of me and that I should be excited about all that is to come
  7. that I should learn to take more risks
  8. and that I shouldn’t be so afraid of failure
  9. nor should be afraid of success
  10. That I am who I am and that’s just fine with me

And to tie up some loose ends…

No, I haven’t joined the perfect boob club, nor am I going to get another tattoo.  Well, at least not yet (with regards to both of them) and not for my 30th birthday.

Did I forget anything?

So I’m off to enjoy the last hour of being 29 (finishing up a game of Scrabble with my husband and mother-in law.  I couldn’t think of a better way.)

Until tomorrow.

t-minus 1 hour (Buenos Aires time). 


Written by nicolemarie

August 8, 2007 at 11:19 pm

9 Responses

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  1. Happy Birthday baby. I love you.



    August 8, 2007 at 11:32 pm

  2. NicoleMarie – enjoy your day with your husband, children and other family members and friends! May you have many more birthdays to look forward to and a rich life in the truest sense. G


    August 9, 2007 at 12:26 am

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I am so thrilled you will still continue the blog…I read it every morning!


    August 9, 2007 at 7:35 am

  4. A very happy birthday to you!


    August 9, 2007 at 8:19 am

    Keep on bloggin’!!!


    August 9, 2007 at 10:46 am

  6. Happy Birthday Coley, a father could not have a better daughter. The best is yet to come, I promise. Love, Daddy


    August 9, 2007 at 11:43 am

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM DENVER! Mark and I are thinking about you… maybe we will even see you soon!


    August 9, 2007 at 12:43 pm

  8. Happy 30th!!! Those were some inspirational words from your father….I do hope the best is yet to come for you in life, and I hope to share it with you. Hopefully I can use some of the list you learned over the past 210 days to help me next month.


    August 9, 2007 at 2:11 pm

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! I feel so loved. You’re the best!!!


    August 9, 2007 at 2:28 pm

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