Avoiding Crisis


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I’m blogging right now because I can. Because I have my trusty new laptop and a neato wifi connection and because my children are otherwise entertained by a Little Einstein’s DVD being played on our portable DVD player.  Oh how I love technology! 

We’re at the airport getting ready to leave to return home to Buenos Aires.  And after nine days in the metropolitan DC area, I can honestly say that I’m really ready to go home.  Oh how I want to go home and sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen, go to the gym (to get rid of the 5 pounds I’ve seemed to put on…ugh), blog on a more regular basis and just do all those things that I do on a regular basis. 

It was great to see my family and the few friends that we were able to connect with but it’s time to get back to normal life and back to our daily routine. ‘Cause as much as I say the daily routine we follow is necessary for the kids, that it keeps them balanced and in much much better moods, I definitely benefit from routine.  As, I think, we all do.

So give me a few days to recoup from the 11 hour over night flight that I’m about to board and then I’ll be back in full blogging force. 


Written by nicolemarie

July 28, 2007 at 10:14 pm

Posted in blogging, travel

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