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perezoso and a huge gorilla

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We just came back from seeing a live show of Lazy Town with the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Obviously, being that we are in a Spanish speaking country, the show was all in Spanish. Our kids tend to watch the show in English since our TV is set to SAP about 60% of the time. Nevertheless, my daughter, who I’d say is pretty close to being compltely bilingual, reassured me and my husband that she would translate for us and let us know what was going on in case we were lost. Seeing how, according to her, we don’t speak Spanish like she does. We thanked her, said that was a very nice gesture, but it probably wouldn’t be necessary.

So on the way home my husband and I got to talking about the meaning of this one word – perezoso.

Him: What is the definition of perezoso?
Me: Lazy, I think.
Him: I thought lazy was flojo.
Me: No, I think flojo means something more like loose or flabby.
Him: Hey, Abbey, what’s perezoso mean?
Her: Perezoso is the word for a big huge gorilla (she says matter of factly)
Him: Interesting, a gorilla.
Her: Yes Dad, a gorilla. A big gorilla.
Me: Are you sure?
Her: Positive (she says with a huge silly grin on her face).

Where does she come up with this stuff?

edited to add:  apparently I got it wrong.  According to my 4 year old, she didn’t say “big gorilla” she said “giant gorilla, sleepy head.”  Just had to clarify that.


Written by nicolemarie

July 8, 2007 at 9:18 pm

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