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We received a package in the mail yesterday (and no it wasn’t my laptop gosh darn it.). It was a package sent by my mother. In it was a little something for everyone.

It contained an interesting mixture of items.

For my husband there was a big over-sized mug from the Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen. My folks had taken a trip to Denmark recently and since my husband collects pint glasses from Hard Rock Cafe’s from around the world they thought it best to buy him a mug – yeah, go figure.

After their trip to Copenhagen they went to London. My dad went off to work and my mom went shopping, ’cause that’s what my mother does best. She went to Harrod’s.

My daughter got a cup with a staw that twists around the outside, adorned with that cute Harrod’s bear. My son got a plush big red bus filled with three teedy bear finger puppets. Very cute.

And, of course, there was something in the package for me. I got a few cards from 1981 – yes, you read that correctly 1981. These are totally old school cards. You can see them here, here and here.

The package also contained 4 high school report cards. yeah. wtf?

I knew that I didn’t get anything from their trip. My mom had already told me that. I was totally fine with it – see I told you I wasn’t really the family accountant. Seriously, getting nothing would have been about 100x better then getting what I got.

And why am I getting these things now you might be wondering? Well, about a year ago, deal mom and dad sold my childhood home and bought two new homes – one in new jersey and the other in Florida. And as a result, they had to clean out a house that had been home to all of our family’s crap stuff for over 30 years. That’s why greeting cards and report cards from eons ago suddenly show up on your doorstep.

I really don’t have a problem with getting Christmas cards circa 1981. They’re kinda cute. Especially the one that’s a coloring book – I was quite the good little colorer and very careful about staying in the lines. But since we move very 2-3 years we don’t tend to hold on to a lot of stuff and whatnot. I’m really not sure why I need to keep these cards or why my mother felt the need to send them to me instead of throwing them out. But now I have them and I guess they’ll sit around for another year until we pack out and I go through the ritual of getting rid of all that stuff.

Okay. So the cards, those were okay. But, I really really didn’t need to see my report cards from high school.

Here’s the thing, I was a really super duper good student in college. Somewhat of a nerd. I much rather remember that time in my education. I much rather think of myself as a good student as opposed to being just average. In high school I was, well, average. An all-around average girl. I don’t do average.

Anyhow, here are some interesting tidbits that I’ve come up with after reviewing these report cards of mine:

1) My best grades were in math. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t very good in math. Seriously, I’m convinced that I suck at math. Yeah, and I don’t really like math either.

2) I once got a 69 on a midterm but still managed to get an A in a class. It was a math class. Not sure what that was all about.

3) I received rather unimpressive grades in Social Studies and English. And yet I majored in American Studies in college – it includes a mixture of courses taken mostly from the History and English departments.

4) I did not excel at learning a foreign language. I averaged a B- in Spanish freshman year. It was my worst grade. (For some reason this launched my husband into a fit of uncontrollable laughter for a whole 10 minutes. ) And yet I speak Spanish every single day and have done so for 4 years – I’m quite good at it now.

So what have I learned about this? Honestly, absolutely nothing. Well, maybe, something. I was reminded about the fact that I was a pretty average kid in high school and not all that smart.

Mom, next time you find report cards or test scores, please, don’t send them to me, just burn them, or shred them, or, do whatever you want, but don’t, please don’t send them to me.

I like to remember myself as that nerdy college student who graduated at the top of her class and was anything but average.


Written by nicolemarie

June 27, 2007 at 9:53 pm

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  1. I concur with your feelings. I got a package when I got home yesterday from Mom and Dad and I thought, YEAH, something fun. To my suprise it was a lot of papers from doctors reports on my eyes to papers in wrote in High School. I have not actually looked through them yet, but I can tell you most of them will be going in the circular filing cabinet đŸ™‚ I would have rather gotten the cup with the Harrah’s bear!!!

    Mark F

    June 28, 2007 at 12:12 pm

  2. You mother still has more stuff for all three of you, yesterday she gave a bag of old pictures to you older brother. Mom likes to save that stuff. By the way nobody ever called you average. It is not an adjuctive that fits you. Mark still has stuff in the house like his report cards and iep’s. Its your perogative to throw it out, your mother has great distress when she tries to dispose of it without your permission. By the way that is not a bad thing. Daddy


    June 28, 2007 at 1:13 pm

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