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I haven’t really been in a blogging mood lately. If you’re a frequent visitor to this site then you’ve probably noticed this.  The reasons for this are plenty but that’s for another post.

Since I haven’t been writing much, I’ve found myself spending more time reading: magazines, a new book and other blogs. Between mommy duties, Spanish classes, thrice weekly visits to the gym, dermatologist appointments, blogging, and sleep, I hardly find time to read, let along think, let alone think about what I’m reading.  I forgot how much I enjoy reading, especially when it’s not mandatory.

So while I still have like 4 draft blog posts waiting to be finished – and I will finish them eventually…either that or I’ll end up deleting them – I wanted to share with ya’ll something that I recently read, ’cause, seriously, it’s some interesting shit.

So, if you have time, take a look at Outside magazine’s June issue. Specifically, check out these two stories. THE BOOMTOWN, THE GRINGO, THE GIRL, AND HER MURDER and DEAD WEIGHT . Really. Do it. Go take a look.  Read them.  They’re good stories.  Then come back and thank me for telling you about them.

I’m a big fan of Outside.  It was my husband’s idea to subscribe to it.  Back when he had spare time, before a job, a wife and kids, he was really into mountain biking.  Outside is good for those types.  I’ve been rock climbing on a few occasions and long to do some more.  I’ve just had very few opportunities over the past few years.  Outside is good for these types too.

I’ve been reading Outside religiously — although at times a bit delayed since our mail service can be somewhat temperamental — for 5 years now.  It has turned me into a wanna-be-outdoor-adventure-eco-friendly-socially-responsible-REI-loving kinda gal.  Now, I just need to get rid of that “wanna-be” part and I’ll feel much better about that statement.


Written by nicolemarie

June 13, 2007 at 4:12 pm

Posted in media, news, other

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