Avoiding Crisis


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no time to spend actually thinking of something to write about…still in somewhat of a funk.

there’s an interesting conversation going on over at Dawn’s blog. So check it out and let her know what you think.

Also, I need to apologize to Suburbanlife since I’m not going to get around to providing y’all with a detailed dialogue of my visit with the non-English speaking doctor from the other day. Amazing how sometimes I can recall the most random facts, but trying to recreate a conversation that at the time seemed completely insane and full of folly proves to be a difficult task. Well that and I suck at recreating dialogues and therefore don’t want to put you all through the torture of having to read it. Maybe I’ll bring a tape recorder to my next appointment so I can share – just a thought.

Oh and since there’s nothing of interest to read here, go check out Suburbanlife’s blog and just click through some of her posts. Each and every one of them, any of them, all of them, I promise, will be interesting and beautifully written. She is an amazing storyteller and I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to look back on my own life and paint the vivid pictures that she is able to do through her words.


Written by nicolemarie

May 25, 2007 at 8:11 pm

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