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If you are easily disgusted by anything having to do with blood you’d probably want to stop reading. Right. About. Now.

For the rest of you who are still reading, today’s topic is…my lifelong battle with chronic nose bleeds. Lovely, I know. You may also want to stop reading. Right. About. Now.

Okay, so the two of you who are left and are bizarrely interested in reading this post …here you go.

When I was 10 I was out in my front yard with my twin brother and some friends playing soccer. I got in trouble for pushing and kicking another kid (I was such a tomboy back then) and was sent to my room. I was crying. My nose started to bleed. (I don’t know why it started to bleed, it never really needed a reason, it just did.) It was bleeding quite heavily. I went to tell my mother that I needed more tissues. She took one look at me and totally froze. Then she freaked out. I ran to the bathroom to see what the fuss was about and noticed that there was blood coming from my eyes. Yes, you read that correctly, it appeared as though I was crying tears if blood. I’ve never forgotten that day nor the look on my mother’s face.

I’ve always suffered from chronic nose bleeds. No one has ever really explained it to me in a way that I completely understand. It doesn’t make too much sense, really. Well, aside from the fact that my father suffers from the same problem, though I’m positive that he can’t claim to have cried blood.

Around the age of 9, while I was away at summer camp a large flashlight fell off a bookcase and hit me in the face. In high school, a field hockey ball whacked me in the nose and once at softball practice I was hit in the face with a ball that was thrown so hard it left the stitching marks on my cheek. All this and I have never once had a broken nose. Incredible, right? Still, none of that history explains a goddamn thing about why my nose bleeds.

And I’m not talking about your run of the mill nose bleed. I suffer from nose bleeds that are so bad it would freak anyone out.

I’ve had my nose cauterized like 6 times. I’ve seen 4 different ENTs. I’ve been told that I have a severely deviated septum. I’ve had surgery to correct the problem. It was suppose to correct the bleeding problem too. Obviously it didn’t work.

I’ve heard and tried every trick in the book for stopping the bleeding. Pinch the bridge, apply pressure, use cold compresses, use warm compresses, tilt your head back, keep your head forward, put your head between your knees, put ice on your nose, put ice on the back of your neck, pack paper in your upper lip, pack tissues up the nostril that’s bleeding (and if it’s really bad, use a tampon), hit the bottom of the opposite heal of the nostril that’s bleeding, and finally allow a lovely, but somewhat crazy, Italian women, to do a karate chop to the back of the neck and scare the living begeezes out of you.

I’m used to having nose bleeds. They rarely bother me. During the winter months they’re most defintely a thrice weekly problem. It’s like an annoyance more than any thing else. After having had so many it’s really nothing at all when I get one.

Today, well, today was a different story. Today I had the nose bleed from hell. After 30 minutes of gushing and no end in sight, tears of blood streaming down my left cheek and blood clots the size of prunes coming out of my nose, I freaked out. I totally lost it.

I called my husband who in turn called the doctor who in turn called me who then admitted that he had never heard of such a thing and was quite concerned. And after I assured him that this does in fact happen, well at least to me anyway, we decided it would probably be a good thing to go see a specialist. He also thought it would be a good idea that my husband leave work and come home to be around just in case the flood gates are opened again and I needed to go to the hospital.

The husband did in fact come home. I spent much of the afternoon resting. And there was no need to go to the hospital.

So, I’m off to see yet another ENT tomorrow. And he’ll probably tell me that I have a deviated septum and need to have my nose cauterized and maybe even have surgery if the cauterization doesn’t work.

I’m expecting a really bad case of déjà vu.

And now that I finished writing about this topic I really must go have my head examined because I don’t know why I felt the need to share this with you, but I did, so I am. And tomorrow when I wake up and am no longer in shock from today’s events and I can think a bit more clearly I’m sure I”ll be really glad that there is a delete function.


Written by nicolemarie

May 21, 2007 at 10:04 pm

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  1. Why delete? It’s interesting.
    Crying tears of blood. . .how cool is that!


    May 22, 2007 at 7:48 am

  2. Living in Argentina, if your infamous nosebleeds and crying tears of blood should be publicized in the newspapers, you could be well on your way to be beatified and then on to sainthood! But seriously, this has to be very frightening to experience, and frustrating especially if so difficult to stop. Glad you are seeking help to solve this!


    May 22, 2007 at 11:04 am

  3. oh, I have chills.
    Good luck at the doctor. I feel for you. You handle it all much more admirably than i would!


    May 22, 2007 at 5:43 pm

  4. Dawn…i guess I’ll leave it up. just seems so weird and icky a topic. cool…hmm…never quite thought of it that way, but it sure is a great conversation piece.

    SL – My husband’s first comments to me, after we got out of panic mode, was whether or not I also had holes through my hands and feet. It was one way to bring some levity to the situation.

    And thanks for the concern. It probably would have been much more frightening had it been the first time it ever happened.

    I do hope you are healing well and feeling better these days. Good to have you back writing.

    Courtney – Thanks for the comment. I’d probably be a total freak and in complete panic mode had this been the first time (or maybe even the second and third) this happened but I’ve dealt with it for as long as I remember and so I tend to take it all in stride.


    May 22, 2007 at 8:25 pm

  5. haha well you know I didn’t mean to make light of it. . .it does seem like a rather serious thing to have to go through on a regular basis. I knew a girl in college who had the same issue.


    May 22, 2007 at 11:19 pm

  6. ok – so i should have been that person to stop reading when you said to stop reading, but as i was just catching up on 10 days worth of blogs, i couldn’t not read this one in it’s entirety when i just read every last word of the others. but now my stomach is turning and i’m quite nauseaus. so thank you 🙂
    i really do hope you get some answers from the new ENT.


    May 22, 2007 at 11:51 pm

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