Avoiding Crisis

i hate when this happens

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I hate it with someone can, with a few simple words, make you feel less than you really are, diminish something that you’ve accomplished, or just lessen a role you’ve might have played in a particular outcome. And I’m not talking about people who, to make themselves feel better, put others down in a malicious way.  I’m talking more about those people who are so compltely clueless to what they say and the effect their words have that it’s not even worth discussing it with them because they wouldn’t even be able to see how what they say equates to what you are talking about.  Someone did this the other day to me.  I don’t think they meant to do it but it hurt nonetheless.  The statement that was made wasn’t even about me or what I had done, it was about them and what they had not done, but still it somehow discounted everything that I did and made me feel so inconsequential and really just unimportant in the grander scheme of things.  And now I’m hurt and angry and frustrated and just sad and I know that it doesn’t matter even if I talked to this friend because they didn’t really mean it and they probably don’t even know that what they said was hurtful.  But it was, and it still is, and I’m holding on to it when I should totally just let it go…but it’s just how I am and it will eat at me and bother me and get in the way and well, you get the idea.   And now I’m not sure this even makes any sense.  ugh….


Written by nicolemarie

May 21, 2007 at 11:47 am

Posted in life

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