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This weekend has been quite eventful, to say the least.

When you live overseas, like I do, and move around a lot, like I do you, and are far from your family, you tend to create a surrogate family with your closest friends. And when one of those friends is pregnant it’s as though a new family member is being born. Last night, my little surrogate family welcomed it’s newest member.

My friend Kim had a beautiful healthy baby boy yesterday evening at 11:55PM.

And, when it all started, I was there….

10:28PM – I had just finished up watching the movie Man of the Year and was getting ready to start Babel. My home phone rang. I said to my husband, “I betcha it’s Kim and she’s on her way to the hospital.” My husband answers the phone. “Yes, she’s right here,” he says. Thinking to myself, she could really just tell him that she’s having the baby, there’s no need to prolong the conversation seeing that she’s in labor and probably in a whole lot of pain. I get on the phone.

N: “Is the baby on the way?”
K: “I need to go to the clinic, Matt’s out, can you take me?”
N: “Be right there.”

I hung up the phone. I didn’t ask any questions. I didn’t know if she was in fact in labor. I didn’t ask where her husband was or what was going on. I hung up the phone threw on a pair of jeans and a sweater.  I went to get Kim.

10:35PM – Pick up Kim. She casually walks out of her house and gets in the car. Wanting to know what I was dealing with, I asked, “Are you in labor?” As calm as can be and in a manner so completely nonchalant, she says, “I think so.” Off we go to meet her ObGyn at the clinic to see if she needs to proceed to the hospital. (Which, by the way, is all the way downtown and at least a 25 minute drive assuming there is no traffic.)

10:42PM – Arrive at Clinic.

10:45PM – Meet the doctor. Kim is examined.

10:49PM – Kim comes out of exam room. She says, in a slightly little calm voice, “I need to go. Now. And he says that I should hurry.” We walk really fast (well, as fast as a pregnant women in labor can walk) back to the car.

10:57PM – Driving as fast and as carefully as I can. Kim’s contractions are getting worse. She’s on the cell phone calling friends and telling them the news and proceeds to arrange play dates for her two older sons for the next day. She squirms and grabs hold of the seat every once and a while. We are 4 blocks from her house. We arrive at a train crossing. The lights are flashing and the barriers are down.

N: “Ah, Kim. The train.”
K: “Oh no. Not now. No way”
N: “I’m sure it will only be a minute or two.”
K: (big contraction). “Okay. You go and pull up to the tracks and I’ll get out and see where the train is and then I’ll walk across and wave you through if it’s okay.”
N: “Are you INSANE? You are completely insane. I’m not going to let you do that. That’s absolutely crazy. Like I’m going to let you, a woman who’s about to have a baby, out of the car to see where the train happens to be.”
K: (laughs)

I pull closer to the tracks.

N: “I can see the train coming. We can’t possibly try to cross.”
K: (scrunched up face)
N: “This, by far, will be the slowest moving train you’ll ever see in your lifetime.”
K: (laughs)

Barriers lift. I cut off two cars and force oncoming traffic to stop.

11:03PM – Kim arrives safely at home. Her husband is there to take her to the hospital.  I leave her in the care of her real family and wish her luck and tell her I’ll see her and her new baby tomorrow.

…. so apparently… at 11:30PM Kim arrived at the hospital and 25 minutes later Baby Cole was born.

I’m just really glad they didn’t hit any traffic on their way downtown.

It was an exciting adventure and really cool to be even a small part of the baby’s birth.


Written by nicolemarie

May 20, 2007 at 10:41 pm

Posted in Buenos Aires, friends

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  1. Nicole,

    First of all, I want to thank you for documenting our exciting evening. Alot of the details and times were a bit of a blur to me and know I am so thankful that have played back to me. With your permission this is something that I would like to include in Cole’s baby book. Second of all, (and most importantly) thank you for being there for me. You are so right about how we become family for one another, exactly what you did for me. It was a very comforting feeling knowing that I could call you at 10:30 and that you would drop everything and come that second. You are a wonderful friend and one that I will never forget since you played such an important role in our 3rd son’s life. Thanks for being there and coming to a friend in need!

    Mrs. Bradley

    Mrs. Bradley

    May 25, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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