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Today is Equal Pay Day…

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did you know?  I didn’t.  Thanks to the girls over at feministing.com I now know, and so do you.  You can thank me later for bringing this to your attention…I can just tell you were dying to know this tidbit of information.

New research by the American Association of University Women shows that just one year out of college, women working full time already earn less than their male colleagues, even when they work in the same field. Ten years after graduation, the pay gap widens.

Okay, so this isn’t like breaking news or anything, but still, it’s interesting.  Okay, well, it’s more like a yeah, duh, we already know, it’s kinda obvious.  Still, doesn’t mean it sucks any less.


Written by nicolemarie

April 24, 2007 at 3:56 pm

Posted in feminism

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