Avoiding Crisis

must. stop. reading.

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about Virginia Tech.

It’s weird when you can’t just turn on the television and watch the latest news and get the most up to date information on what is going on.  Instead you sit at your computer, in a complete state of disbelief reading and clicking and reading and clicking and reading some more trying to find out what happened and maybe even why it happened.  ‘Cause somewhere, someone knows why, right?  And of course they’ve written about it and of course it’s been published somewhere on-line.  We will eventually find out why he did this.  We have to. We just have to.

And then again, maybe we won’t.  Maybe the real reason died with the shooter and we will never know what happened that morning when he woke up that set him off and sent him on a killing spree that claimed the lives of 33 people.

I really must stop reading and obsessing.  Need to start to accept that this did in deed happen and that there really isn’t anything I can do from here.  Must remember that Chelsea and Sam are safe and that is what’s important and matters most.  Must remember that I have two young children that are still very much alive and still very much need their mommy and not the completely obsessed Internet news reader that I have become over the past 48 hours.

must. stop. reading. now.


Written by nicolemarie

April 17, 2007 at 10:07 pm

Posted in other, virginia tech

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