Avoiding Crisis

whoever has perfected the art of time management obviously doesn’t have two young kids and a tendency to daydream

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I’m not sure if I’m tired, bored, worn out or just have absolutely nothing to say these days.  Since the kids went back to school last month I’ve been telling myself, and anyone who will listen or even pretends to care, that after semana santa* my life will get back to normal.  That I’ll get into a routine and I’ll stop feeling like a freakin’ chicken with its head cut off.  

So tomorrow, then, when I wake up, everything should fall into place and I should be 100 times more relaxed.  Ah. No.  How I wish.  Yeah, somehow I forgot to inform myself about this lovely little plan of mine.  Just peachy how it always seems to work that way.  Instead, tomorrow, things will be as hectic as ever, and maybe even a bit more chaotic.  

These days, I can hardly find enough time to sit down and write.  Something about being a mother of two children ages 4 and under.  Those 10 minute intervals between one activity and another just don’t do it for me.  Still, I have a million ideas floating around in my head but no way to get them out.  My head is going to explode if this continues.   Please feel sorry for my poor husband who is going to have to clean up my brain matter if this indeed does happen.   

The bigger problem though, is that when I do finally find time to sit and write I can find a million other things to do instead – like order diapers on drugstore.com, which, by the way, I just did. 

But no, that’s NOT procrastination because it was completely justified. Let me explain.  Yesterday drugstore.com sent me an email saying that I had $15.23 credit.  Obviously I couldn’t let that go to waist.  Doesn’t really matter that I had until the end of the month to spend it.  Seriously, I did wait an entire day before I spent it (and then some).  Not that it matters that I still have something like 50 diapers left from the last order and I really didn’t need anything else.   

Ah. okay. So what was I talking about? 

Right.  Yeah, so I’m bored.  No, actually, I think I’d better rephrase that.  I’m boring.  Yeah. That’s it.  I just feel really boring.  That happens from time to time, you know. Even for someone as intersting and mysterious as myself.  So yes, while my life is hectic and involves taking care of a gazillion different things during the day — including the mandatory mommy-daughter playtime with 15 Barbie dolls that makes me the world’s coolest mother,  which I absolutely despise, playing with Barbies that is, not the mommy-daughter playtime — I’m boring.  And, as this post surely illustrates, I have absolutely nothing to say.

What’s my point?  Right.  I don’t have one.  I’ve just waisted your time with this silly rambling.  But it is kinda quirky and maybe even a teeny tiny bit entertaining.   Maybe?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll return to being self reflective.  Maybe I’ll reflect on this and try to figure out what exactly it is that I’m trying to say.  What is it you think I’m trying to say?  Or maybe i’ll actually have something interesting to write about.  I have a sneaky suspicion that tomorrow may provide me with some very interesting material.  Gosh, don’t you just love Mondays. 

Nah, things aren’t going to approach anything remotely close to normal any time soon.  Until then, I’ll be the one in the headless chicken suit running around aimlessly in circles.

 *semana santa translated is “holy week” and refers to the week before Easter Sunday.  I use it here because I like how it sounds and find it so much better than saying “after Easter.”  


Written by nicolemarie

April 8, 2007 at 10:32 pm

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  1. Now is the time to grab those 5 and 10 minute breathers between onslaughts of necessary activity, and note down those kernels of thoughts that visit so elusively and they are so quickly gone, unless jotted down, in any crazy form whatsoever, in your notebooks and journals, or even scraps of paper. Everything you experience right now in your life will inform your capacities as a writer for a long long time.
    My eyes glazed over in reading about your willing play with your daughter and the 15 Barbies. What is it about those Barbies, eh? You must write about your take on them, as you feel about them in the now.
    And, besides, Nicolemarie, just what is normal?


    April 9, 2007 at 1:34 pm

  2. If you are the headless chicken, than that’ll make two of us…

    Ben Shaffer

    May 2, 2007 at 11:58 am

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