Avoiding Crisis

so what is this crisis i’m avoiding?

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Yesterday, Pete over at Necessary Therapy invited his readers to “submit faith struggles, spiritual dilemmas, religious quandries, and theological quagmires” as comments to this post.  Pete would then answer your question if you are a lucky enough to be the chosen one – or, as in my case, the only one.  

Of course, never being one not to draw attention to myself, I commented pointing him to this post and asked what he thought about what I wrote.  This whole conversation has generated a bit of discussion on both of our sites.  Check it out.  Head on over to Necessary Therapy.  If not to see what Pete has to say about my personal spiritual dilemma but because Pete’s really funny in a brutally honest kind of way and he’s from NY!  Nuff said.

So in response to my comments about the comments he made in regards to my “faith-provoking” question Pete shot back with a question of his own: “what crisis are you trying to avoid?”  That’s a very good question Pete.

My initial reaction to that question was more like, geez man, if you are going to read my blog why don’t you first take the time to read through some of my earlyposts and get a good sense of what I’m doing here.  So being the nice person that I am, and not the condescending bitch that I pretend to be, I thought I’d make the kind suggestion that Pete read some of my earlier posts, which, of course, as I’ve already said, explain everything.  But. ah. no.they don’t. They don’t? They DON’T! how could that be?

Sure I go through the stuff, the crap, that I’m thinking about, but they don’t really spell out what crisis it is that I’m actually trying to avoid. 

The simple, straight forward, matter-of-fact answer is this:  I’m just trying to avoid a crisis.   You know, a plain and simplecrisis – a freak out, a temporary loss of sanity, an i’m-going-to-stay-in-bed-with-the-covers-pulled-up-over-my-head-for-a-week crisis.  You know the kind? 

But why the title “Avoiding Crisis”? To be completely honest, it just came to me so I wrote it down.  Kinda simple, I know.  At the time it seemed like a good title and it fit with who I am.  For most of my life I’ve been trying to avoid some type of crisis – typically one that is defined by an internal battle with depression and anxiety – so “avoiding crisis” just made perfect sense.   

The reason behind starting this blog was really to get myself to start writing again and the whole turning 30 thing seemed like a good enough excuse.   At the beginning of the year I started to think about what 2007 would bring and how I felt about those changes.  Since we are not moving this year (which is a frequent issue in our household and will come up again in 2008) the biggest change I will face in 2007 is turning 30.  And to understand why 30 is such a big deal you should read this.

But Pete’s question got me thinking a bit more.  What does this title really mean.  What do I really mean when I say that I’m “avoiding crisis”?  So, in typical me fashion, I probe deeper. 

Let’s break it down.   

Let’s start with avoiding, which is the gerund of the verb to avoid.  To avoid is to keep away from;  to avert, to head off,  to fend off.  To prevent from happening. 

I’ve found a lot of intersting definitions for crisis.  Interestingly, the definition of the word crisis tends to be closely linked to the context in which the word is used.  But here’s one that I like and that fits best with what’s going on here. Crisis refers to a person’s reaction to an event.  An obstacle, trauma, or threat; an opportunity for either growth or decline.  I also like thisa crisis situation is one in which you are confronted with circumstances that are outside your usual life experience and outside of your control.

Okay,  now putting it all together…avoiding + crisis means that I’m trying to prevent myself from having a traumatic response to turning 30 and instead am hoping to turn my 30th birthday into a reason for personal growth.  That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.  Any questions Pete?

I think we are all, in our own ways, avoiding crises.  Don’t you? 


Written by nicolemarie

April 3, 2007 at 11:44 pm

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  1. 1) Thank you for generating so many comments from your “helluva” question.

    2) I know what you mean about coming up with blog titles. I chose “Necessary Therapy” because it sort of rhymes.

    3) Actually, I think personal growth more often happens as you go through (not around)crisis.

    4) Nonetheless, I pray you enjoy a rich, rewarding, trauma-free year. (Ahhh, to be 30 again.)


    April 4, 2007 at 9:16 pm

  2. Pete, I should be the one thanking you for sending a bunch of readers my way. – Nicole


    April 9, 2007 at 10:37 pm

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