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what’s my real age?

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I was at the gym this afternoon, completing my thrice weekly tourture that consists of 40 minutes on the cross trainer, and I happen to be reading the current issue of Nick Jr. magazine.  It’s amazing how time flies when you read really mindless stuff. 

Anyhow, so after finishing up the “where are they now” section highlighting former Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards hosts like Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green, I came across a blurb highlighting the website RealAge.com.  According to this blurb, the RealAge.com site has a “test that determines an adult’s ‘real age’ based on health, lifestyle and family history.”  Of course, I couldn’t resist. 

It’s official, I can stop all this self exploration crap  and shut down this blog.  My real age is 27.2!  And to think, I’ve spent the last few months contemplating what it means to be turning 30.  Looks like I have 3 more years to go. 

So what’s your real age


Written by nicolemarie

March 28, 2007 at 10:37 pm

Posted in aging, thirty

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