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I smell pretty bad…

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to a mosquito, that is. 

It started about 2 weeks ago and continues with no end in sight.  A recent bought of hot weather and high humidity, aggravated by periodic rain that leaves pools of stagnant water everywhere, has resulted in a very serious mosquito problem here in Buenos Aires.  Okay, so problem may be a bit of an understatement.   It’s more like a plague.  No joke. I kid you not.   Even The Economist finds it important enough to include in this month’s city briefing

Is it ever going to end?  Seriously, it’s getting pretty freakin’ annoying. (Luckily we don’t live in an area where Malaria and/or West Nile Virus are a problem.)  My kids look like they have some weird disease that causes them to break out in big red bumps all over their arms and legs – and NO they do not have the chicken pox, measles or mumps, just something like 30 mosquito bites.  I, on the other hand, can’t complain one bit.  

You know how some people just seem to attract the attention of mosquitoes while others are able to remain bite free.  Yup, the latter, that’s me.  As my children get eaten up alive by the little buggers, I can’t count even one mosquito bite on my body.   And these aren’t your typical garden variety mosquito, these little blood suckers are aggressive and HUGE.  They bite everyone. Everyone that is, except me.  This is one time that I’m glad somebody (or something in this case) doesn’t like me. 

These mosquitoes even seem to be impervious to bug sprays like Off.  (Which, by the way, really isn’t an issue these days since we can’t even buy bug spray seeing that there isn’t any on the shelves to buy. Yes, it is that bad. Like people buying water and toilet paper before a hurricane.)  Maybe someone should just bottle up my smell.

And here’s my favorite part about having this mosquito problem – it has resulted in random acts of kindness throughout the city.  That is if you consider getting slapped upside the head an act of kindness – apparently so when it involves killing a mosquito.  And to think, next time my kids step out of line and need to be put back in their place, I can just blame the mosquitoes. [wink, wink]  Just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!


Written by nicolemarie

March 26, 2007 at 7:20 pm

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  1. I wish I smelled badly to mosquitos!! The ones in Germany especially liked me and I’d end up with welts all over my body…not cool 🙂


    March 27, 2007 at 3:50 pm

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