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still disillusioned and disinterested, just not “young”

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You know when you come across something that just makes you feel, well, old, or at least reminds you that you are not so young anymore.   Yeah, like when the whole myspace thing hit the news and I was like ‘whoooa, what the hell is myspace?’.  Sure, I’ll admit it, that made me feel kinda old.  But, damn right, I went out the next day and got me a myspace and friendster account and even checked out what facebook was all about.  Didn’t feel so old after that.

It’s like when you read a magazine article about the newest technology trend only to remember how back in the day you used to have to write out your high school essays by hand and physically have to go to the library to do research, and maybe, just maybe even use the card catalog – oh the horror!  Yes, there was a time before the Internet, before email, even before cell phones.  How did we ever survive? 

No, but in all seriousness, sometimes I read something that just makes me sit up and go, “Oh right, I grew up! How the hell did that happen?” 

So yesterday while perusing the CNN hompage I was intrigued by the headline campaigns focus on engaging young votersIt caught my eye because I am a young voter, right? I wanted to know what the campaigns were doing this time around to get my attention.  So I read.  And I grimace.  And I cringe.  Hey, there’re not talking about me anymore.  I’m no longer considered a young voter.  I’ve passed that stage in my life.  Which is the point that I say to myself,  “How the hell did that happen?” 

I mean, it was like yesterday, when I was  a member of this group – which is typically defined as being between 18 and 24 years of age. (Okay so it wasn’t yesterday but more like 5 whole freakin years ago. Who’s counting?)  

am was a young disillusioned and disinterested voter.  Now, I’m just disillusioned and quite frankly disinterested.  But does anyone really care?  Is anyone talking about what to do about those former non-voting youth voters?  Does any one care that I, young- mother-of-2-middle-class-expat-wife-former-Washington-DC-political-wonk-capital hill-staffer-wanna-be, has absolutely no real interest in the upcoming presidential election.  Oh wait, maybe because it’s not until freakin’ November of 2008 people.  Geeez, things are getting off to an early start.  

Oh wait, maybe I just don’t care because they don’t care about me.  According to the aforementioned article I don’t even count.  I mean, really, they don’t even count me when talking about voting statistics. 

More than half of the people in the United States age 18 to 24 who are eligible to vote typically are no-shows on Election Day. By comparison, some 70 percent of those 45 and older cast their ballots, according to the Census Bureau.

Hello people?  What happened to those falling between the ages of 24 and 45?  Big black whole there, huh?  Goddammit!  I matter too.  Doesn’t anyone care?  I may not be young, still, doesn’t mean I’m any less disillusioned or disinterested.  So, tell me, Hilary, Obama, Mitt, Rudy, John and every other presidential hopeful, what are you going to do to get me to vote?  It sure does suck to feel like you’ve fallen through the cracks.


Written by nicolemarie

March 6, 2007 at 11:54 pm

Posted in humor, personal, politics

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