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I’m not going to talk about the Oscars, which, by the way, were carried by TNT in English without Spanish overdubbing.  The first time in 4 years that I’ve been able to watch them in English, plain old English.  Ahhh….the mother tongue.  I actually wouldn’t have minded one bit if they were in Spanish but I just can’t do the whole English with real-time Spanish translation.  Ends up sounding like a whole new language to me.     

So the fact that the Oscars were in English this year caused me watch a lot more of it then I had planned.  Needless to say, since they didn’t start 10pm Argentina time and lasted 4 hours (though I called it a night after enduring just under 3 hours of the broadcast)  I woke up a very tired and somewhat cranky individual this morning.  Though the cranky part may have something to do with my lack of coffee intake.

Our coffee maker broke the other day.  Okay, 5 days ago to be exact.  But who’s counting?  I have very bad karma when it comes to coffee makers.  Since I’ve been married, I have been the proud owner of 5 different coffee machines.  That would be approximately a coffee machine per year of marriage.  So the fact that this particular machine broke is of no real surprise – it was long over due seeing that we’ve owned it now for almost 18 months.  Aren’t these things suppose to last longer than a year? 

This time, probably because it’s on the more expensive end as far as coffee makers go and because i’m just sick and tired of buying new coffee makers, I wasn’t about to give up that easily.  After a bit of research I was able to identify the problem – the one way valve in the bottom of the unit was clogged – and fix it.  As of 10PM this evening our coffee maker works!  Hallelujah!    

And all thanks to my new found expertise of being able to fix small appliances.  Remind me sometime and I’ll tell you the story about how I fixed our portable DVD player.    


Written by nicolemarie

February 26, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Posted in general, personal

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