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33 things about my dear husband

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  1. He’s a great husband – I married him, didn’t I?
  2. He’s a wonderful father
  3. He’s really just a big kid – tantrums and all
  4. Incredibly, he can play Little People with the kids for hours without getting bored
  5. He still has his entire Little People collection from when he was a kid
  6. Actually, he has almost all of his childhood toys
  7. Obviously, he’s a pack rat
  8. and has attachment issues
  9. He has hundreds of t-shirts dating back to his high school days that he will not part with – they are taking up space in a storage unit
  10. He’s a world traveler
  11. He’s even been to North Korea
  12. He used to buy me gifts from all the countries he visited
  13. We got married
  14. Now he buys himself gifts
  15. He once came back from Beijing, China with 4 North Face jackets and 25 new silk ties
  16. Every morning he complains that he has no ties to wear
  17. He has more clothes than I
  18. He owns more than 20 business suits
  19. One of those suits was made to order in Zagreb, Croatia – which he bought when his luggage was lost
  20. He wears a suit almost every day
  21. He goes to the Bronx to buy his suits 
  22. From the same tailor my great grandparents used 
  23. He was born in Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia
  24. He grew up in Northern Virginia
  25. He’s an only child
  26. 2 years ago he found out that he has 2 half-sisters and a half-brother
  27. Considering, he’s bizarrely a very well adjusted person
  28. unless he gets very angry and then he’s not very well mannered
  29. when we argue and I yell at him he tells me that he will not continue to listen unless I speak with an “inside voice”
  30. he can be condescending
  31. He can also be very patient – unless you have 1) no common sense or 2) lie to him
  32. He’s very stubborn, but will actually ask for directions if lost
  33. He turned 33 on February 10th

Written by nicolemarie

February 10, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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