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why do airlines hate children so?

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note to reader: this was written on Feb 9th but due to time constraints and a really, really slow internet connection I wasn’t able to post it until now. 

 Apparently technological advancement has made it as far as the southernmost city in the world.  Yes, there are computers with Internet, albeit very slow connections, here at the end of the world.  Now if only I could get used to this Spanish language keyboard. 

On to more important matters.  Blogcritics Magazine, where I published an article adapted from my weighing on weight post has featured said article as a pick of the week.  We like that.   It´s good for the confidence level.  I guess I should kick my ass in gear an write some more.  Got any good topics?   Suggestions ALWAYS welcomed.

So I know you are all dying to know how the trip to the end of the world is going.   Surprisingly, so far so good.  We´ve decided to keep all excursions to 1/2 day trips and that seems to be working out.  We are all a little less cranky and a little more patient.  Today we took the end of the world train and visited the southernmost national park.  Tomorrow we will visit a penguin colony and will be able to walk around with the penguins – this should be our biggest challenge since it´s a 3/4 day trip and not our typical 1/2 day adventures.    

The only snag we have had thus far was on the flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia when the airline apparently didn´t see the need to put my 2-year-old in a seat near either of his parents.  Now, this is not the first time that this has happened and I suspect it won´t be the last.   What is wrong with airlines?  I mean seriously, like my 2-year-old is going to just take care of himself on a 4 hour flight.  Oh yeah, and my 4-year-old was put in a seat between my parents.  

I should have looked at this as a blessing since it would have meant that my husband and I would have sat by ourselves for 4 hours without screaming, wiggling and nagging kids.  Doesn´t work that way though, does it?  So when we went to the counter to change this they said that the flight was completely booked and that all the seats had already been reserved by individuals who checked in on-line, something we couldn´t have even done since we were traveling with minors.  We would, according to them, have to take it up with whoever was on the plane and see if they would be nice enough to move. 

Yeah right.  Like I´m going to leave the fate of our seating arrangement in the hands of an unknown soul who may or may not want to give up his aisle seat for a yucky middle seat.  So in the long run, my 2-year-old sat on my lap (eventhough he had his own seat, that we paid for), his seat remained empty and no one had to move at all.  The only ones who got a good deal out of this were the folks who had the middle seat between them empty as opposed to a screaming toddler.

I just don´t get it.  Is it that hard to accomodate parents that want to sit with their kids? Apparently so.


Written by nicolemarie

February 9, 2007 at 4:53 pm

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  1. Airlines probably hate children for the reasons you listed in favour of being alone for four hours: screaming, wiggling and nagging. In my opinion, kids shouldn’t be allowed to fly until they know how to behave. Sitting your child on your lap is really responsible, and not even attempting the airline staff’s suggestion and then whining about it on a blog sure is productive.


    March 2, 2007 at 9:49 pm

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