Avoiding Crisis

is there a doctor in the house?

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Friday was my older brother’s  birthday.  He turned 32.  I had semi-jokingly mentioned that I would write about him on Friday because, after-all, it was his birthday.  But I didn’t.  Instead I wrote about myself – 100 things about myself to be exact.  Now, in his own special way, he’s making me feel bad that I didn’t write anything about him.  Better late then never, right? 

remember, he asked for it….

My brother has a God complex.  This might not be surprising seeing that he’s a surgeon and this is a common problem among those type, but it goes far beyond that.  When we were younger and my father brought home our first computer – an Apple – my brothers and I would play video games for hours.  I wasn’t very good.  The doctor (a.k.a my older brother) was excellent at video games.  He always had the top score.  You know how when you finish a game there’s that screen that pops up showing the rankings of all the top scorers.  Our’s went like this #1 God, #2 Jesus Christ, #3 Jesus, #4 God, #5 God, #6 God.  I am not making this stuff up.  Sometimes if i’d look at him the wrong way he’d put me in a head lock and force me to say “oh omnipotent one, most powerful in the entire world, I worship the ground you walk on please forgive whatever I have done to anger you, grant me forgiveness oh holy being….”  I told you he has a god complex.  

So aside from that one minor flaw, he’s a really good guy.  He always knows how to make me laugh.  Well, except for the time he dragged me down the hallway out of his bedroom into the living room along a blue shag carpet and gave me rug burns down my back.  That made me cry.   Or the time that he rubbed my head along the burgundy cloth interior of my mothers Oldsmobile Delta 88 until it caused enough static electricity to make my hair stand straight up.  Then he took my hand and touched it to the metal ashtrays.  Ouch.   

Yet in spite of the torture he put me through, today I consider him one of my best friends.  I should have my head examined.   

Love you doc.  happy birthday.            


Written by nicolemarie

January 28, 2007 at 9:22 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I may have had a complex when I was younger but that is not true now.

    the doctor

    January 28, 2007 at 9:40 pm

  2. Obviously your brother, the doctor got an early start on studying the deleterious side-effects of applied treatments, and you were his somewhat unwilling test subject. I love this post!


    February 8, 2007 at 12:31 am

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